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Our Founder

Shantia Bell-Stewart- CEO Founder Shantia is a 35-year-old Alabama native. She is the wife of the amazing William Stewart and mother of 3 beautiful children whose names are Maikyh, William Jr. (Jay), and Serenity. Shantia has been doing hair since the age of 15 where she gained much of her experience on family and friends, many in which she still service today. She has always had a passion for, was always drawn to, and held a special place in her heart for those who others may look down on such as the less fortunate, the person that is always picked on, and those that have been dealt a bad hand due to life’s circumstances. In 2004 she graduated West Morgan High School and in the fall, attended A&M University for Telecommunications. Communications was right, but that was the wrong field. Majority of her time she was communicating and helping young women, especially those dealing with self-esteem issues. She traded going to class for doing makeovers in her dormitory! From there Shantia transferred to Calhoun Community College’s Cosmetology program. Upon attending she began working at a salon in Decatur, Alabama by the name of Daychan’s Salon. There her cliental grew, but it was something different about her clients. Although there were many different types of people and the money was good, she in turn did more free hair than anything, because she stated, “It really was/is more about the souls”. There were many different people that sat in her chair that had been burdened down whether it was due to sickness, being in bad relationships, young women who felt they did not have anyone to talk to, and even some people that had confessed to just wanting to take their own life. But, somewhere between the time they walk in, sit in the chair, and look in the mirror upon completion, their entire life had changed in the matter of just a couple of hours! That was all the pay she needed! She witnessed many women give their life to Christ, being healed from Cancer, and many other wonderful things just through one encounter that was orchestrated by God! After having her second child, Shantia began working out of a back room turned salon in her home as well as driving to many places doing hair. The days grew longer, but more people were impacted. The thing about it was not only were clients blessed and always left the experience feeling like they looked a million bucks on the inside and had a whole soul makeover on the inside, but the overwhelming Joy that Shantia felt afterwards was always worth it no matter how tired she was at the end of the day! Years passed and one day while working on a client, Shantia’s hands began swelling, and a service that should have took only an hour and a half turned into 4 hours! At that moment she knew something was wrong, in which she thought it was just carpel tunnel. Right after her appointment she immediately went to the Urgent Care, which was on a Wednesday. From Wednesday to Friday, she was back and forth from hospital to orthopedic. Early on that following Saturday morning she received a call from the nurse asking if she could come in to read and discuss her test results. She was diagnosed with Lupus. After that, it was as if sickness tried constantly attacking her body BUT GOD! She began losing her hair and although that made her sad, she carried more of a burden for other women. She said, “If I am a certified stylist and I can do my own hair, then what about all of the women losing their hair, don’t know what to do, and can’t afford to get it done?” Shantia’s youngest child Serenity, is a little girl, and at a certain time she was not able to do her own child’s hair. As tears rolled, she thought, “If I am a certified stylist, and I am able to do my daughters hair, but just can’t at this moment, then what about all the families that have little girls and can’t do, nor afford to get their hair done?” Although this was temporary for her, someone else struggled with these issues every day. On her sick bed Shantia promised God that if He allowed her to get better again, she will do His will. In July 2020, she accepted her call into the ministry. For years she questioned her Purpose in life although she had a heart to serve others, but it was at this moment that she would know without a doubt what her Purpose is! Just One1 Yes from God changed the entire dynamics of her life. The name that God gave her was One1Touch! One1Touch is patterned after Matthew 9:21 that says, “for she said within herself, if I may but touch his garment, I shall be whole”. That verse is talking about a woman that had been sick for 12 years, but if she could just touch just the hem or thread of Jesus’ garment (Not even His body physically), she would be healed and made whole! And she touched and she was made whole! It was and is Shantia’s desire to be that thread that helps link somebody to a life changing situation! As you go along your day, you never know what else someone is dealing with! So always remember that just one “I love you”, just one “You are beautiful”, just one act of kindness can change a person’s entire life! You just may be that thread that helps determine if that person choose to live or die! -Shantia


A Message From Our Founder

Matthew 9:21

"for she said  within herself, If I may but touch his garment, I shall be whole."

Hey YOU ! Yes! You that are reading this......

"You Are Amazing!"

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